Fraser Well Management (FWM) has been awarded a contract for well operator services by North Sea Natural Resources Ltd (NSNRL) to deliver the Devil’s Hole Horst (DHH) appraisal well in the Central North Sea.

NSNRL was awarded UK licence P2321 in the 29th round. The licence consists of seven contiguous blocks covering the DHH prospect, approximately 100 miles east of Aberdeen.

Recent reinterpretation of two test wells drilled on the DHH prospect 50 years ago indicated evidence of hydrocarbons within the Permian Zechstein formation. Further analysis performed by NSNRL show strong indications that substantial volumes of oil may be found in the Jurassic Fulmar Sands, which was overlooked in the original test wells. NSNRL believes DHH’s net mean prospective resources could amount to 2 billion bbl of oil, of which 1.8 billion bbl has been verified by oil and gas consultant Gaffney, Cline & Associates. NSNRL plans to drill an appraisal well 27/4-A and execute a 3D seismic programme as early as the end of 2022. NSNRL are currently in the process of securing investor funding for the seismic and appraisal drilling programmes.

Niels Arveschoug, NSNRL’s CEO, said: “Based on their proven track record of delivering exploration and appraisal wells as well operator on the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS), we know FWM are ideally equipped to drill the DHH appraisal well for us within our desired time frame.”

“They have an excellent track record, with demonstrable experience, competence, organisation and systems. This coupled with their ongoing familiarity with the regulations, and the specific requirements, to safely deliver wells on a turnkey basis. From the outset, they showed a thorough understanding of our project requirements, looked for mutual alignment of project drivers and demonstrated fast and flexible project implementation.”

FWM Managing Director, Nick Ford, said: “NSNRL’s contract award reflects the increased confidence in the North Sea after two years of understandably low investment. We are pleased to see that our well operator model provides organisations such as NSNRL the ability to develop their prospects in a safe, aligned and cost-effective manner. We are looking forward to working with NSNRL on this exciting project.”