Why Invest In NSNR?

Focused Value/Growth

We will unlock value in producing assets by identifying and drilling upside potential.

We will focus on high impact organic growth opportunities identified from years of experience or new high quality studies which require wide experience, deep knowledge and high tech fit for purpose approaches.

Buzzard and Johan Sverdrup giant oil field discoveries are relatively recent. They have things in common: They were discovered by new entrants with new and fresh energy and thinking. The prospects had been known about and overlooked for many years. We plan to also bring fresh energy and new thinking to the North Sea.

This robust strategy is supported by management’s operating experience, technical knowledge, relationships and proven track record.

The North Sea is a Proven world class Oil and Gas province with:

Good fiscal terms for conventional E&P

Low security risk, low political risk,

Low UK government take

Attractive risk sharing Norway 78% drilling cost refund

Extensive oil and gas industry infrastructure and workforce

Strong domestic and European energy demand