Project Description

The Devil’s Hole Horst Prospect

North Sea Natural Resources was awarded UK License P2321 in the 29th Round. The license consists of 7 contiguous blocks covering the Devil’s Hole Horst prospect, approximately 100 miles east of Aberdeen.

The Horst was tested by 2 wells drilled over 40 years ago. Re-interpretation of the well results indicates both have evidence of hydrocarbons within Permian Zechstein reservoirs. Estimated STOOIP for this prospect is 1 to 5 billion barrels of oil.

NSNR is planning on drilling this prospect and acquiring a 3D survey over the license to properly appraise this discovery.

NSNR are actively seeking joint venture partners/investors to participate in the license work programme.

Project Gallery

OGA Licence P2321 29th Round award map